The purpose of business is to create customers.

Allan Bonsall is a ‘brand’ expert, with invaluable knowledge and experience in what makes successful brands the powerful commercial and social factors they are.

His long and distinguished career has spanned the advertising industry, the corporate and retail sectors and high profile consulting roles to government and private enterprise.

Many of Australia’s and the world’s most famous brands have benefitted from Allan’s guidance, advice and ability to think strategically outside the square.

Allan undertakes strategic planning projects across a wide range of industry sectors. He creates clarity for CEOs and senior managers through planning that is driven by customer need. He channels the principles expounded by the late Peter Drucker that places marketing and innovation as the focus of creating customers and building powerful brands.

As a successful author and long standing panellist on ABC Radio’s Hidden Persuaders programme, Allan has substantiated the high profile that sees him frequently doing keynote speaking for corporate and government events, and conducting brand workshops across Australia.

If customers are critical to your business, talk to Allan.