Allan’s books on brand and entrepreneurial intelligence.

Allan’s enjoyment of writing unfolded on a flight somewhere between Brisbane and Singapore. Disenchanted with the book he was reading, he decided to take up writing when he returned home, resolved to write books that would educate, entertain and add value to the expertise of everyone involved in the world of brand.

Entrepreneurial Intelligence.

Inspired by the philosophies of coffee entrepreneur Phillip Di Bella.

Five years of working closely with Phillip Di Bella, a BRW young entrepreneur of the year, and his team at Di Bella Coffee lead to Allan and Phillip collaborating on Entrepreneurial Intelligence, exploring the belief that there is a formula for entrepreneurial success that anyone can learn.

The four parts of the formula; vision, passion, brand and emotional intelligence were the cornerstone of Di Bella’s success, who recently sold his business to Retail Food Group for $47 million.

Allan’s research for the book shows that many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, including Branson and Gates share many of the same traits. It is an entertaining read that once again espouses the principle of brand strategy lying at the heart of successful business planning.

Brandaid: Brand power at the heart of your business.

Dr John Harrison (Senior Lecturer at University of Queensland’s School of Communication and Arts) approached Allan to collaborate on a required text on brand for the University of Queensland’s communication students.

A subsequent outcome was the first edition of the book Brandaid (now in its second edition) in which Allan turned his conviction of the power of brand into a book which explores the way brand can be used as the centerpiece of business planning.

In the book you will learn many critical things, including the importance of a clear vision, how to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s capacity to retain customers, and the threats and opportunities in the market place for an organisation to succeed in creating more customers.