Presenter & Keynote Speaker.

Allan Bonsall is a passionate and inspiring speaker on brand. His speaking engagements range from major events and conferences to marketing meetings, from government forums to national sales meetings.

After absorbing his emotional logic, consumer insights and pragmatic perspective, audiences come away with a completely new understanding of the power of their brand.

His mantra is based on the oldest principle in the business handbook: without a customer you don’t have a business.

Or, as Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management exhorted business leaders to understand: the only purpose of business is to create customers.

Focused on those two complimentary beliefs, Allan weaves a strong story of the power of brand to connect business with the customer by instilling trust to create loyalty which, in turn, leads to repeat purchase and referral.

If your need is to focus a group of managers on the power of your brand; build a stronger brand, or change the way people think about brands, then take a look at one of the videos in the Brand Blog section to get a clearer picture of Allan’s compelling presentation style.