Strategic Branding Projects.

Giving business what they need to move forward.

Most businesses reach a point where marketplace dynamics, internal realities and competitor developments demand new strategic thinking and actions to move forward.

It’s all part of business growth. It’s at that point that Brand Genetics has made a difference for a wide range of organisations, by using intellectual rigor to take their brand to new levels of success.

In our methodology, brand is everything. It is the company, the management philosophy, the product or service, production, marketing, everything. And most critically, it is the customer and their trust relationship with the brand.

Conclusions through absolute clarity.

We don’t skim the surface. Research-based clarity can only be achieved by deep examination of the business from top to bottom, and clear understanding of customers’ perceptions and realities.

Gaining this knowledge includes Brand Genetics running ’lateral thinking’ Key Perception Sessions and ‘business defining’ Purpose Framework Sessions with client stakeholders.

Our intent is to build insight and clarity through an objective externally driven understanding of the business, brand and market – to provide the confidence to embrace change.

Absolute clarity then enables us to draw insightful conclusions by connecting the dots. It is a process that combines business know-how, lateral thinking, creativity, pragmatism and the experience to pull it all together.

Strategic solutions in a coordinated action plan.

As an outcome we provide clients with strategic solutions based on the conclusions drawn. These solutions connect the various parts of the business and brand that need to change. They are inter-connected. Management effects product… product effects marketing… marketing effects consumers… consumers effect sales… and so on.

The strategic solutions are visualized creatively through style of imagery, tone of voice, look and feel.

These form the basis of implementing the new strategy in communications channels. Finally, we present the solutions packaged in a plan which details the evolutionary process to take the business and the brand into the next phase of commercial life.

Brand Stewardship through the period of change.

It is critical that the integrity of the new strategic branding is maintained through the implementation phase. With a number of clients, Brand Genetics acts as Brand Steward during the period of change. We work with the client both internally and externally to ensure the new strategic branding elements are not diluted or allowed to drift off course.